Workshop 3: Let’s Talk About Body Image

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going back to Acton for the third workshop in the series. What a success! Speakers Dr Amy Harrison and Denise Sanderson-Estcourt joined us to have some conversations around our bodies and body image, a topic that came through in our focus group sessions with the young people.Continue reading “Workshop 3: Let’s Talk About Body Image”

Workshop 2: The power of young people’s stories and how best to navigate this space

Following the exciting day of JEDelve’s visit to UCL, we were all very eager to be headed off to our second workshop. This time round, we visited the young people back in Acton! Our January focus group informed us that the young people really wanted to have more ‘casual’ sessions to discuss their opinions andContinue reading “Workshop 2: The power of young people’s stories and how best to navigate this space”

Workshop 1: Bonding in Bloomsbury

During our January study focus group, many young people spoke about school life and university, and how distant of a prospect it felt for them. Hearing this, our instinct was to invite JEDelve and its young people to Central London and give them a tour of UCL’s Bloomsbury campus as part of our first workshop. EllaContinue reading “Workshop 1: Bonding in Bloomsbury”

Getting to Know JEDelve Over Pizza

Focus group session with the young people Having concluded our interviews with young people at JEDelve before Christmas, the UCL research team were now in a position to feedback to the group and come together to generate some ideas together. The scent of Domino’s pizza attracted the young people back into youth group – thisContinue reading “Getting to Know JEDelve Over Pizza”

Action at Acton Town

Meeting JEDelve staff and young people Between November and December 2021, Romane, Jaimie, and Ella visited the Friary Community Centre in Acton London, the base for Jamal Edwards Delve’s Charity (JEDelve), four times. We were most excited about meeting the JEDelve team and young people. To prepare for these meetings, the research assistant team pouredContinue reading “Action at Acton Town”