Introducing the CopeWell Team!

Dr. Keri Wong

Role: Principal Investigator

I am PI of the CopeWell study, which stemmed from my work on the UCL-Penn Global COVID Study (Wong & Raine, 2020) and my visit to the JEDelve community centre to give a talk back in 2019 when I first moved to London. That visit changed me. I saw all the good work that JEDelve was doing with young people in Acton. It made me think how I could apply my knowledge outside the classroom too. Since then, I’ve wanted to collaborate with JEDelve and support its young people as best as I can. And I’m so grateful to UKRI Research England that we’re now able to do so through this project. We’ve a strong team of researchers this year so I hope to share our good work with everyone over the coming months! 

Romane Renoir

Role: Research Assistant

I am currently a research assistant on the CopeWell study. I am a third year Psychology with Education student at UCL. I am conducting the interview section of the study as my final year dissertation research study! I will be examining the impact of COVID-19 on BAME youths’ mental health. I hope to learn from young people’s perspectives and experiences, because I feel they have been excluded from most of the conversations and research looking at COVID and mental health, especially in BAME groups. In the future, I aim to complete a law conversion and work in Human Rights Law! 

Ella Boutros

Role: Research Assistant

I am a final year undergraduate Psychology with Education student at UCL, working as a research assistant in the CopeWell project. I have already had the chance to visit the JEDelve community centre in Acton, and absolutely loved meeting the young people! I really value having the chance to build relationships with them and learn from them. Through this study, I hope to better understand my role as a researcher in helping adolescents grow from difficult experiences. This relates to my career goal of one day becoming a clinical psychologist working with young people! 

Eoin Mulholland

Role: Research Assistant

I am a second-year undergraduate at UCL studying Psychology with Education. I am currently a Research Assistant on the CopeWell Study. I really love working with people, so I am super excited to start coming to JEDelve! I aspire to become a clinical psychologist in the future. I hope through this study I will be able to make an impact on people’s lives and have some amazing experiences together along the way! 

Jaimie Leung

Role: Research Assistant

I am a second year Psychology with Education student from Hong Kong, currently working as a research assistant as part of the CopeWell study. My responsibilities include managing our social media and helping out with data collection when needed! My research interests lie in working with young people and how to maximise wellbeing. I am also interested in learning more about risk factors influencing resilience and how to reduce them. Within this project, I look forward to working alongside my fellow Research Assistants and learning data processing skills. In the future, I hope to continue my education by pursuing a Master’s degree or working in an NGO.  

Ayaka Littlejohn

Role: Youth Worker

I have been working with young people for over 15 years and really enjoy building relationships and helping them to achieve their potential. I am currently a Youth Worker at JEDelve where we provide a safe and engaging space for young people to come and chill but also be exposed to a number of different opportunities that they may not encounter in their day-to-day lives.

This project is great because it has been tailor-made to the needs of our specific young people and really focuses on the things that are affecting them. I hope to gain a better understanding of the young people I work with in order to continue providing a service that inspires them and meets their individual needs.